When you want to take your pet on a trip, you need to put your pet in the car. But the paws of your pet dog or cat are often very dirty. And when you take your pets to the park or street, your pet often steps on dirty things. Dr. Gary Richter is a veterinarian on Rover’s Dog People Panel and author of The Ultimate Pet Health Guide. He has said that “during the new coronavirus epidemic, there are no special preventive measures to kill the virus on pets. But giving your pet a bath can remove the virus from your pet.”At this time, you need a pet wet wipes help you to clean your pet's paws. In Yeesain health technology, we have the best pet wipes for your pets.

Can Baby Wipes be Used on Pets?

Many pet owners use baby wipes to clean their pets. To be honest, baby wipes are specially designed for babies and may contain propanediol. And propylene glycol is toxic to pets. If pets eat it by mistake, it will lead to serious consequences. For the safety of your dog or cat, you had better choose the professional dog wipes or cat wipes for your dog and cat. Our pet wet wipes have many safe ingredients. And the puppy wipes are fragrance-free. So, they can get rid of any stinky odors without leaving behind a strong perfume or chemical odor.

Pet wet wipes can be used to wipe your dog's fur

Pet wet wipes can be used to wipe your dog's fur

How to Choose Good Dog Wipes for Your Puppy?

  1. Alcohol, flavors, fluorescent agents and unsterilized water should be avoided in dog wipes. To be honest, preservatives are inevitable ingredients. But the less additives, the better.
  2. In addition, you can light a pet wipes to smell. And you should observe the smoke color and debris. Good wipes will not produce irritating smell after burning, and with less black smoke and debris.
  3. In the composition list of wipes, spunlaced fabric or non-woven fabric will be written. In fact, the spun lace fabric is a kind of non-woven fabric. The texture of the spunlaced non-woven fabric is white and free of impurities. And the structure is tight and not easy to break. Therefore, you had better choose the spunlaced non-woven fabric.
  4. The sealing degree of wipes is very important. You should choose the dog wipes with a high sealing degree. High seal wipes will keep the wipes moist.

Deyou's dog wipes and cat wipes are made of high-quality non-woven fabric with few additives. So you can buy at ease.


  1. Dog wet wipes or cat wipes are disposable and not reusable.
  2. Our pet wet wipes are insoluble in water. Please don’t discard them in the toilet. Because it can clog the toilet.
  3. Please don't put it where the high temperature and sunlight can reach.
  4. Do not touch your pet's eyes when scrubbing with a dog wipes or cat wipes.