Do you want to find a convenient way to kill the bacteria? If your answer is yes, then you come to the right place. Because we have effective sanitary hand wipes for you to kill the germs. With the help of sanitary hand wet wipes, you can kill the germs on the surface in a few minutes. From this article, you will know some useful information about the antimicrobial hand wipes.

Can Baby Use Antibacterial Hand Wet Wipes?

The antibacterial moist wipes are made of purified water as production water, and then add some preservatives and other auxiliary materials. Infant skin is fragile, and there is no protective barrier. If the disinfectant in the antibacterial moist wipes remains on the baby, it is easy to cause skin allergy, redness, and swelling. And the baby also loves licking his hands very much. The disinfectant he eats will destroy the normal flora of his intestinal tract. This will cause dyspepsia and chronic diarrhea. So for the sake of baby's health, please don't use antimicrobial hand wipes for children. If you want to choose cleaning wipes for your baby, you'd better choose baby cleaning wipes. In our company, we have various baby wipes for you to choose from.

Antibacterial cleaning wipes for sale

Antibacterial cleaning wipes for sale

Can You Flush Antibacterial Cleaning Wipes?

To be honest, no matter what kinds of wet wipes can’t be thrown into the toilet, even the flushable water wipes. Because most of the impact force of the toilet is not enough. If you flush even the so-called “flushable” wipes down your toilet, they will eventually collect together and form a huge clog, especially when they meet up with fat is thrown down the drain. You can google the London sewer “fatbergs,” massive combinations of so-called flushable wipes and fat that congealed together, weighing more than three elephants, the size of a school bus, and about as hard as stone. Specialists have to break them apart. And Britain's water companies spend £81 a year unplugging the pipes. The main cause of the blockage is the amount of "flushable" wipes thrown down the toilet. In addition, "flushable" wipes cost Canadian taxpayers more than $250 million a year. Because of that, we recommend that you do not throw antiseptic wipes down the toilet.


If the ingredient of your antimicrobial hand wipes is alcohol, what should you pay attention to when you use it? You will know that from the following sentences.

  • Do not use alcohol for large area spraying and disinfect the surface of the environment. For example, corridors, meeting rooms, offices, classrooms should not be sprayed and disinfected with alcohol.
  • It is not recommended to spray and sterilize clothes with alcohol. Because if alcohol is exposed to an open flame or static electricity, it may burn.
  • Store alcohol carefully, keep it away from sources of ignition and do not place it where children can easily reach it.
  • When you use alcohol to disinfect, you must ensure ventilation and keep hot objects away from open fires. Activities such as cooking, talking on the phone, smoking, and using electric mosquito pats should not be carried out immediately after a high concentration of alcohol has been sprayed.