First of all, for toddler wipes, compared with the national standards, the technical parameters require that the content of bacteria should not exceed the standard. Secondly, in order to meet the requirements of the quality management system of the modern retail industry, the shelf life is less than a certain number of days and can not be put on the market. Third, in the traditional business channels, most of them are multi-level agents. There is an "accordion" effect from the terminal to the production plant. Therefore, the shelf life of the toddler wipes must be long enough, and it’s usually 2-3 years. As for the toddler wipes with a shelf life of 2 years, the disposable wet wipes manufacturers must ensure that the wipes meet the requirements of bacteria within 2 years or even longer. Therefore, in the period of up to 2 years, in a wet environment such as wipes, in order to inhibit the growth of bacteria, it is undoubtedly the most cost-effective choice for disposable wet wipes manufacturers to add preservatives.

Why Mention the Cost-effective?

Because when the wet wipes supplier transports the wipes from the factory to the county-level cities and even towns, the peer should go through three or more agents or distributors. If we choose a high-cost solution to inhibit the production of bacteria, no one will be willing to buy the wipes at the retail terminal because the price is too expensive. Therefore, adding preservatives is not only necessary in technology, but also for commercial circulation. And even the best wet wipes for baby contain preservatives. Because the best wipes for babies also need to consider the problem of shelf life. Some manufacturers of wipes under the banner of eco baby wipe also have preservatives in their wipes.

Yeesain affordable toddler wipes are good for babies

Yeesain affordable toddler wipes are good for babies

Is It Legal to Add Preservatives?

At present, there is no list of preservatives that can be used in wipes, so disposable wet wipes manufacturers generally use the list of preservatives that are allowed to be used in cosmetics as the basis. Moreover, each preservative has a prescribed dosage limit. If cosmetics are allowed to use ingredients in the preservative catalog, and the ingredients are added legally, then the wipes should also be safe. Factories like Yeesain, which have strict production control, have strict control over the amount and source of preservatives. And the control of the production environment of the wipes should be up to the standard, which can basically ensure that the added preservatives are legal. Therefore, the safety of wipes is also guaranteed.

At the same time, with the development of scientific and experimental research, the safety of preservatives is constantly updated. So, preservatives used legally in the past laws and regulations have been gradually recognized and exposed because of their potential hazards, and their use and scope of use have been constantly adjusted and changed.


All in all, if the R &D and production enterprises of wipes have enough safety awareness and enough R&D investment, and constantly update and adjust the safety formula, the safety of the wipes produced is guaranteed.