There are many disposable incontinence products on the market for the elderly, such as diapers, diaper insert pads, and pads for the elderly. Generally speaking, different incontinence products should be selected for the elderly according to different situations. For example, when the elderly can still do simple activities, you can choose the adult pull up pants. Adult pull up diapers are easy to change and comfortable. To save money, you can buy diaper insert pads as an alternative. If the condition of the elderly is serious, defecation and urine can not take care of themselves, you can choose the pads for the elderly. Today, we are going to talk about the incontinence for the elderly.

What Are the Advantages of Bed Pads for the Elderly?

  • Disposable bed pads for the elderly are a good option for seniors who don't want to wash a reusable bed pad. They fit securely over a mattress or they just cover the area where a senior sleep. New incontinence pads for the elderly can simply be put on each night and then thrown away in the morning. It’s easy!
  • Heavy absorbency. The fluff and polymer core quickly absorb fluids and lock in odors. At the same time, the leak-proof back can protect the mattress well.
  • Yeesain's disposable incontinence pads for the elderly are made of soft material that is more suitable for sensitive skin.
  • Wide range of applications. Incontinence pads for the elderly are available not only for the elderly but also for hospitals and adults.
Bed pads for elderly

Bed pads for elderly


Why Should We Pay Attention to the Problem of Incontinence?

With 10,000 people turning 65 years old every day, urinary incontinence is a growing problem. In the face of an aging population, incontinence can start with occasional leaks and develop into an embarrassing chronic disease. It violates self-esteem and the ability to live freely. As children, we have a responsibility to choose good quality incontinence products for our parents and to give them a better life. In yeesain health technology, we have many disposable products to meet your needs, including the best adult diapers, and provide you with the right solution.