With the increasing degree of global aging, the nursing of incontinent elderly has become a common social concern. So what are the causes of the elderly incontinence, and what are the nursing methods for the incontinence elderly? Today we will tell you about this.

What are the causes of elderly incontinence?

  • Some old people have some congenital diseases, such as congenital anal sphincter insufficiency.
  • Neurological disorders. Defecation is a reflex activity under the innervation of splanchnic autonomic nerve and brain central nerve. The lack of rectal sensorimotor function in the elderly may lead to the unconsciousness of stool and defecation.
  • Some diseases. Elderly people with certain diseases can also cause amyotrophic anal incontinence. The loss of rectal sensory function in the elderly will lead to fecal ignorance and defecation imperceptibility.
  • Factors related to incontinence include age, gender, cognitive level, state of consciousness, motor ability, long-term hospitalization, frequent diarrhea, anal and pelvic floor muscle injury, etc.
The elderly with incontinence

The elderly with incontinence

How to care for the elderly with incontinence?

The perianal lesions caused by incontinence are the main problems that perplex elderly patients. How to carry out perianal skincare is particularly important. Nursing can reduce the stimulation of stool on perianal skin and promote the recovery of skin lesions as soon as possible. The elderly with incontinence can be through the correct use of care equipment to reduce the anal stimulation of feces. At present, there are a lot of care products. The commonly used nursing supplies are incontinence bed mats, tampons, anal control plug, air bag anal tube, disposable balloon catheter, drainage bag, etc. For the health and comfort of the elderly, it is recommended to choose adult incontinence bed mats with comfortable surface materials and strong air permeability.

Incontinence bed mats can give you the most comfortable protection

Incontinence bed mats can give you the most comfortable protection

What kind of absorbent pads for incontinence should be chosen?

For incontinence and disability of the elderly, you should choose high quality and reliable incontinence bed mats. A good incontinence bed mats can not only absorb the sweat and excreta of the elderly, but also keep the incontinence absorbent pads dry and breathable. Best disposable underpads for incontinence can not only reduce the skin erosion and damage caused by excreta, but also prevent incontinence dermatitis and bedsore.

The surface material of Yeesian best disposable underpads for incontinence is made of imported spun-bonded non-woven fabric, which makes skin contact soft and comfortable. The compound super absorption core can quickly absorb liquid, lock urine firmly, and keep skin clean and dry all the time. And in the process of using, the best incontinence absorbent pads are breathable, flat and not agglomerated, which is the best choice for long-term bedridden and incontinent elderly.