How clean are your fitness facilities? Every personal trainer should ask himself this question. With the emergence of the COVID-19 virus and the presence of other harmful bacteria (bacteria, viruses, fungi), gym operators need to re-examine their disinfection procedures to protect the health of their customers.

Why do you need to use sanitary wipes for your gym equipment?

We all go to the same fitness equipment that many different people come into contact with in the gym. Several studies have found that various surfaces of gyms (such as floors, counters) and sports equipment contain large amounts of viruses and bacteria. A study has found that sports equipment is more contaminated by viruses than by bacteria. Specifically, weighing equipment is more polluted than aerobic equipment. Busy fitness facilities often involve multiple people touching the same surface and equipment, which can increase the spread of harmful bacteria. But using sanitary wipes for gyms to disinfect them will greatly reduce harmful bacteria.

Disinfectant wipes can be used for gym equipment

Disinfectant wipes can be used for gym equipment

How to disinfect your gym in 5 steps?

When disinfecting your gym, it is recommended that fitness professionals follow the following five basic steps during the cleaning process.

  • Wash hands before cleaning. Wash hands with soap and water, or rub hands with an alcohol based hand sanitizer (e.g., 60-70% alcohol) for at least 20 seconds.
  • Wear personal protective equipment when cleaning. If using disinfectant wipes for gym equipment, wipe the surface in the same direction to prevent contamination. Multiple gym sanitizing wipes may be required. If you use a sprayer, you can simply spray the surface.
  • According to the product recommendations, the disinfectant must stay on the surface for a certain period of time
  • After completion, dispose of all PPE, cleaning materials and wash hands again. When using shared portable devices (such as foam rollers or stabilizing balls), it is not uncommon for different people to touch the surface of the equipment. These items may need to be disinfected several times a day. As a result, you may need to use multiple gym disinfectant wipes.
  • After disinfection, professionals may need to rinse the equipment with soap and water to wash away any dry chemical disinfectants that may irritate the client's skin.
Gym sanitizing wipes can give you a healthy workout environment

Gym sanitizing wipes can give you a healthy workout environment

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