Packaging not only has the function of wrapping products but also modifies items to gain the favor of the audience. To put it simply, the first point is to explain the information, let people know what they are buying, for example, when there is a picture of the baby on the wet wipes packaging, it must be a special wet wipe for the baby. Second, there must be outstanding shining points to make the product stand out from similar competitors. This is based on clear information. For example, the packaging of some products is more beautiful and simple or can highlight the characteristics of the product. On the dazzling shelves of shopping malls, the distinctive wet wipes packaging will certainly attract the attention of buyers. Third, as product packaging is a part of brand identity, the brand association is more important, especially in this era of consumption upgrade. As part of the brand identity element, product packaging will lead consumers to think about and associate with the brand, and have an impact on subsequent purchases and even the purchase of other products under the brand. In fact, many products may not be purchased for its function, but for the feeling. For example, if there is a picture of a soft wipe on the wet wipes packaging, it will remind people that the wipe is soft and skin-friendly.

Yeesain wet wipes contract packaging

Wet wipes contract packaging in Yeesain

1. Sealing method 

 wet wipes contract packaging

The first one is usually for 1 to 20 pieces of customized adhesive tape,the second one is for more than 40 pieces. This packaging method is more helpful to protect the humidity of the wet wipes, and it is not easy to draw.the last one is customized for 100pcs、200pcs、500pcs or more.

2. Pattern

And the cover can be customized with different designs, colors, or patterns. For example, Baby wipes often have a cute child, disinfection, or sterilization wipes will have obvious alcohol words, pet wipes will use cute animals. Of course, you can also design any pattern you want or you like. However, the wet wipes contract packaging will definitely be related to the purpose of this wipe. 

3.Company logo

Anything on the wet wipes packaging can be as you think, no doubt, we can also print your company's trademark on the wet wipes packaging. The company logo is not only a simple pattern, but also a facade, deepening people’s memory and desire for the product, and prompting consumers to find you better. Customizing the packaging of wet wipes can increase the company’s exposure, thereby better promote products and deliver value.

In short, the wet wipes packaging design is very important. Yeesain strives to be the most reliable turnkey manufacturer for private label wet wipe needs.  With over 15 years of manufacturing experience, Yeesain has the ability to take on your existing product or help you develop a product from the ground up.