Wet wipes or wipe tissues are one of the most portable things in our office, home, or car when we traveling. These soft little toilettes have lots of applications in today`s busy world, and they are common everywhere at the present. Originally, wet wipes were introduced to keep babies clean after changing diaper pants. But it wasn`t long smart moms began to find many other uses for wipes. Perhaps this is the earliest baby wipes. Soon, they not only a thing to keep babies` butts clean, but also a good way to keep their hands and faces fresh. They are usually used in public places to make sure they are clean, such as bathrooms, buses, etc.

Not so long they were also becoming a necessity in the car. They are quite easy to store in a glove compartment for quick retrieval when needed. Both women and men find wet wipes great for washing their hands after a trip, as well as convenient for cleaning their faces and giving them a refreshing feel. Soon after, many restaurants served them to customers so they could wipe off the greasy food and continue driving. Besides, a lot of people keep wet wipes in their cars for use in public toilets on the road. Maybe everyone has had the experience of using a public restroom only to find that there is no toilet paper. Wipes are absolutely good substitutes.

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One of the best places to have these wipes to put these wipes is in the office. They are a great way to remove dust from desks, not to mention bacteria and germs from phones and keyboards. They are also very convenient to keep hands sanitary and are an excellent way to freshen up at work.

The next one to enter the market was antibacterial wipes. During flu and cold season, they are highly good to protect oneself from the spread of bacteria. Frequent hand washing is the first line of defense against germs from different surfaces. These are perfect substitutes for water and soap when you can not wash your hands. Meanwhile, antibacterial wipes are much more convenient than bottled gels, especially when in some places you are not allowed to take them. The features of convenience and efficiency make them popular around the world. Furthermore, during this hard time for most countries, antibacterial wipes are suitable and helpful for every home to protect from Covid-19. We believe this disaster will be the end and the world will be recovered to peace.

There are so many types of wipe tissue for different situations, such as baby wipes, general wipes, alcohol wipes, kitchen wipes, gym wipes, disinfecting wipes, etc. As one of the leader Hygeian disposable products manufacturers in China, Yeesain company provides all kinds of wet wipes. Besides, we have a strong capacity to offer OEM/ODM service. Contact us if you have any need.