We know the word "wet wipe" very well. It has become an indispensable part of many families. Most of these families are afraid to travel anywhere without their wipes. These items are very popular in the market and have several different names, such as a wet towel, or wipe tissue. Although we have heard of wipes, most of us are not familiar with the term "flushable wipes".  The only difference is that flushable wipes are biodegradable wipes. 

What are flushable wet wipes?

A washable wet wipe is a small piece of wet non-woven fabrics. Nowadays, people use it for all kinds of things. These are all in small packages. Each package can contain multiple sheets of wipes. Because of their high solubility, these substances can be dissolved in water and sewer systems. Sometimes products are folded apart for the user's convenience. These are very effective for personal cleaning and disinfection. 

flushable wet wipes

flushable wet wipes

The emergence of Biodegradable Wipes

This product is designed to help people get rid of the tension during a long journey. It appeared in the mid-20th century. This item helps them, clean babies, on long trips without having to stop at a hotel. Realizing the utility of wet towels, many families have included them in their grocery catalogs. When it came out, it was like a small piece of cloth soaked in scented facial cleanser. As time went on, the sizes grew larger and more varieties appeared on the market to meet different needs and choices. Many companies around the world now produce biodegradable wipes. Most of them are trying to make it greener.

Various Uses of Biodegradable Wipes

Generally, they are made by wetting a small piece of paper with a sterile liquid such as isopropyl alcohol or iodine. Therefore, these items can be guaranteed safe and clean. That's why flushable wet wipes are designed for babies. It's always good to use these as lotions and softeners. After using, the wipes are thrown into a dispenser. It is widely used to clean the backs of babies. In addition, adults use it for different purposes. Manufacturers often advertise this product in a variety of media, such as the Internet, newspapers, magazines, television, and radio. They advertised its various uses in the home. It is very useful for cleaning the back of infants and elderly family members.

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