Disposable bed pads are a convenient way to treat incontinence, but not all mattresses are created equal. From absorbance to size to price, there are many factors to consider when choosing disposable pads for adults.

Disposable vs washable bed pads

There are two mattresses available disposable and washable. Some people prefer a disposable mattress, also known as a chux pad, because it requires less maintenance and is more convenient. Others prefer to use washable or reusable mattresses to save money or limit their environmental impact. Most washable mattresses can withstand at least 100 washes without losing their effectiveness. If you're considering using a reusable mattress, read our article on the best washable mattress for urinary incontinence.

How to choose a good disposable bed pads

Absorption capability

Absorptive capacity is the key to disposable pads used by adults. Many pads will tell you in the product description how much fluid a pad can absorb (in milliliters or ounces). Think carefully about your own needs or those of the people you care for, as increasing water absorption usually carries a higher price tag.

disposable bed pad
disposable bed pad


Slip resistance is an important quality in padding, as a misplaced mattress defeats the whole purpose of having a mattress. Find a mattress that stays in place, especially for those who are having trouble sleeping. You can look for disposable mattresses with adhesives, but many product reviews have been mixed about the quality, with some saying the mattress stays in place just fine, while others say it moves too much. This change in perception may be due to the other fabrics in the bed, as well as the type of movement that occurs during the night. For best results, you can try several different quality mattresses to see which one works best for you.


Using disposable mattresses can be expensive because you'll need to keep buying more. Price should be considered when deciding which mattress is right for you, but it shouldn't be the main deciding factor, especially when it comes to nighttime bed-wetting.

Size of bed pad

The optimal size of a disposable mattress depends on your needs. Consider the size of your bed, the size of its occupants, and the number of times you or someone you care about moves around during the night. In general, a large mattress has more coverage than a small mattress. For disposable mattresses for seniors or other adults, look for a mattress that is at least 36 by 23 inches (or 90 by 60 centimeters).

All in all, Depending on your specific needs, consider quality rather than a lower price tag.