The arrival of the novel coronavirus has made everyone aware of the importance of health, and the demand for disinfecting products has also greatly increased. For disinfection and sterilization products, I guess you are thinking of alcohol, 84 disinfectant, etc., but have you found that these products are often used at home? It is actually very troublesome to disinfect anytime and anywhere when you go out. Public transportation such as subway and high-speed rail are not allowed to bring alcohol and other items. At this time, the medical disinfectant wipes are actually excellent products, which are convenient to carry and can effectively sterilize and disinfect things. 

medical disinfectant wipes
medical disinfectant wipes

What is medical disinfectant wipes?

The wet wipes on the market can be roughly divided into three categories:

1. Ordinary wet wipes: Ordinary wet wipes have no bactericidal effect and are mainly used for cleaning.

2. Sanitary wipes: Sanitary wipes can kill bacteria, the soaking liquid of sanitary wipes must kill E. coli and Staphylococcus aureus ≥99%. If the product needs to be marked as having an effect on fungi, the soaking liquid should also deal with Candida albicans and the killing rate is ≥99%.

3. Medical sanitizing wipes: they can be disinfected, and the soaking liquid of the disinfecting wipes must have a killing rate of ≥99.999% against Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus. If the product needs to be marked as having an effect on fungi, the soaking liquid should also deal with Candida albicans and the killing rate is ≥99.999%.

Simply put, ordinary wet wipes can only clean, not sterilize or disinfect; sanitary wipes can kill bacteria but not viruses; medical disinfectant wipes can kill viruses.

Can Medical sanitizing wipes kill the coronavirus?

During the epidemic, if you are away from home, you can’t wash your hands, and there is no hand sanitizer. There are only one medical bleach wipes, then wipe the hands with disinfectant wipes is a good choice.

But not all Medical sanitizing wipes can kill the coronavirus, they depend on the specific antivirus ingredients used in the disinfection wipes. According to relevant data, at 56 ℃, the novel coronavirus can be killed in 30 minutes. Chlorine disinfectants, alcohol (generally 75%), iodine, peroxides, and other disinfectants can also kill the virus. Therefore, 75% alcohol wipes, iodine wipes, chlorine-containing disinfectant wipes, and peroxide disinfectant wipes can kill the novel coronavirus when used correctly. When choosing wet wipes, you must notice if the ingredients can disinfect.

medical sanitizing wipes
medical sanitizing wipes

How to choose medical sanitizing wipes?

1. Pay attention to the ingredients and effects

As mentioned in the previous part, not all disinfectant wipes can kill the virus, and only wipes that contain effective anti-virus ingredients. Therefore, when choosing wet wipes, you must pay attention to the ingredients added on the product label. If the label is fuzzy or the ingredients and content are not suitable, you better not buy it.

2. Pay attention to tightness

The purchase of disinfectant wipes depends on the tightness of the product packaging. If the packaging is not tightly sealed or is damaged, bacteria will penetrate into the wet wipes, and the ingredients contained in the wet wipes will also volatilize, and the sterilization effect of the wet wipes will be greatly reduced.

3. Pay attention to the feel and smell

Different brands of medical sanitizing wipes have many differences in hand feel and smell. Some wet wipes are dense, some are soft, some have a pungent smell, and some have little smell. It is recommended to choose medical sanitizing wipes with a soft and thick feel, which are not easy to scratch or leave debris; choose disinfectant wipes that have no fragrance and pungent odor, so this kind of wet wipes has fewer ingredients and less irritation to the respiratory tract.

4. Pay attention to irritation

When using wet wipes to wipe the skin, if the irritation is great, it will affect the skin, and in severe cases, it will also affect the respiratory system. Therefore, when choosing wet wipes, try to choose less irritating.

At present, the novel coronavirus epidemic is still spreading rapidly, and people are relatively more likely to be infected in public. Personal protection is particularly important, so it is necessary to bring some medical disinfectant wipes when you go out. Henan Yeesain Health Co., Ltd. produces a variety of disinfection wipes for the prevention and control of the novel coronavirus to meet the needs of customers. We also provide customized services for a variety of disinfecting wipes and can produce disinfectant wipes containing specific raw materials according to your requirements. If you want to know information about our medical disinfectant wipes, please send us an email, we will get back to you soon.