Best absorbent nappies are made of polymer water-absorbent resin materials. The thickness of the nappies is also different. The thinner nappies will have better air permeability, and the thick ones will also be relatively more absorbent. So, what is the difference between the different thicknesses of the absorbent material for diapers?

Diaper water absorption test
Diaper water absorption test

Differences between different thickness of the absorbent material for diapers    

Different diapers have different functions and materials. Basically, high-molecular water-absorbing resins are used in diapers. The scientific name of water absorption and water-locking factor is polymer water-absorbing resin. It is a new type of polymer material, which can absorb water from hundreds to thousands of times its own weight. It is non-toxic, harmless, and non-polluting; it has a strong water absorption capacity and high water retention capacity. It is a high molecular weight polymer obtained by acrylic acid polymerization. The properties of molecular water-absorbing resin determine the water absorption of diapers.

1. High water absorption: it can absorb water hundreds or thousands of times its own weight.

2. High water absorption rate: Each gram of super absorbent resin can absorb hundreds of grams of water within 30 seconds.

3. High water retention: The water is not easy to squeeze out of the gel after absorbing water under external pressure.

4. High swelling: The volume of the super absorbent resin gel after absorbing water swells hundreds of times.

In fact, many thinner diapers on the market contain a lot of water-absorbent resin inside, which will have stronger absorption. Thicker diapers have more fluff pulp, which will not increase the absorption capacity of the diapers but will increase the thickness of the diapers. Absorption capacity, softness, and comfort will deteriorate accordingly. After the child urinates, the urine cannot be quickly absorbed by the permeable layer, and the small buttocks will be soaked in the urine. The thicker the diaper, the more uncomfortable the baby will feel.

excellent diapers to keep your baby safe and healthy
excellent diapers to keep your baby safe and healthy

What material are diapers made of?

The principle of water absorption and water lock: Good quality diapers are mainly composed of wood pulp and polymer materials. After the polymer material absorbs water from a hydrogel, it will become harder and start to form a ball. The addition of wood pulp can keep the diaper as flat and soft as possible. The polymer material has a water absorption function that absorbs hundreds to thousands of times heavier than itself. Some people call it the world's most absorbent diaper. In order to prevent the liquid from seeping back, it can only suck but not spit. Even if it is pressurized, it is difficult to separate the water.

Therefore, diapers will swell and become heavier after absorbing urine. If you take them under the sun, you will find that it is difficult to dry! Even after drying, the diapers will not return to the way they were before. The process of swelling after absorbing water is irreversible. After using it once, it basically loses its ability to absorb water, and it is easy to leak urine after drying.

Bacteria will remain on the diapers worn by the baby. Moreover, the surface protective layer of the worn diapers has also been destroyed (even after the sun), and it is easy to be infected with bacteria when used again. Because of repeated use and poor water absorption, the baby's buttocks have been in contact with wet diapers and soaked by moisture, which can easily cause diaper rash (red buttocks) or even erosion.

The surface layer of super-absorbent nappies is made of special material, in order to ensure ventilation, there are many small holes invisible to the eyes. In these small holes, the liquid cannot pass, but a vapor and other gases can pass. The outside of the diaper feels damp because the hot and humid air has spread outside.

Disposable baby diapers are very absorbent, and now baby diapers are getting thinner and lighter. Henan Yeesain Health Technology Co., Ltd, focuses on the design, research, manufacturing, and marketing of baby diapers, and constantly updates diaper products to make babies safer and more comfortable to wear. If you want more information about our products, you can send us an email, we will get back to you soon.