The birth of a baby carries the hope of a family. In order for a seedling to grow healthily and comprehensively into a towering tree, a safe environment is needed. For the health and safety of their children, many parents will not hesitate to spend. As far as the baby’s ass is concerned, professional baby wipes are needed to take care of it. The wipes are not only wiped clean, but also very soft. Professional baby wipes are free of alcohol, fragrance, preservatives, and fluorescent agents, so they will not cause irritation to the baby's skin. So, how to choose baby wipes? Experts suggest that you should pay attention to the following points when purchasing baby wipes:

infant baby wipes
infant wipes
  1. Vertical and Horizontal Pull

At present, many brands of baby wipes on the market mostly use the "direct laying process". The cloth of the direct laying process is easy to stretch on one side, and the wet wipes will be deformed and thinned. When rubbing the baby's skin Inconvenient to use, and easy to penetrate and dirty hands. The wet wipes with the "vertical and horizontal cross-weaving" process have a balanced tension in the vertical and horizontal directions, are not easy to be deformed, can maintain a thick feeling, and can thoroughly clean the baby's buttocks. To identify whether the wet wipes use the "direct laying process", as long as the wet wipes are stretched vertically and horizontally when purchasing, if the wipes are not deformed, they are high-quality baby wipes.

2. Consider the Weight

A good baby wipes should be made of seven-point cotton, so that they are thick and soft. Here, I would like to introduce you to the intimate baby wipes. Yeesain baby wipes are made of high-weight seven-point cotton (70% natural fiber) non-woven fabrics. The fabrics are high in weight, soft and thick, while most other brands of baby wipes are made of Five-point cotton (ie 50% natural fiber), so the intimate baby wipes have more material, are thicker and softer than other wet wipes, and fit the baby's butt skin better.

a baby wipes
baby wash wipes

3. Moisturizing

Different brands of baby wipes will vary greatly in smell and feel. Some wet wipes have a fragrant smell, and some have basically no smell. This is caused by the different moisturizing ingredients added in the wet wipes. Like Yeesain baby wipes, it contains a lot of milk and vitamin E essence, so it is moisturizing and not greasy, and it has a very good nourishing effect on the baby's skin.

4. The Brand

Many mothers choose well-known brands when choosing baby products. This is because powerful companies often have strong funds and advanced technology. Therefore, good brands are often high-quality endorsements because the quality of the tissues produced is relatively high. . For example, the brand of Yeesain, the company has a history of more than 10 years, and Yeesain baby wipes are the brand on the market that have passed the country's official and strict skin irritation test, and they are trustworthy.