The smell is one of the most important media for cats and dogs to transmit and receive information. In nature, they use their own excrement to delineate their territory, and they can also sniff the excrement of other animals to avoid danger. This is them. The survival instinct that evolved.

But when they entered the life of humans from the wild, this instinct has brought us a lot of trouble, especially the pet family with young pets or new pets at home, before they are taught to excrete at a fixed point, almost every day It is necessary to clean up the “traces” left by these little guys everywhere in the home.

If you are also in this frustrating situation, then pet potty mats will be a good choice for you.

pet potty mat

The Best Excretion Products for Pets – Pet Potty Mats

Although animal pee pads are not particularly popular in China at present, some pet owners feel that it is not necessary to purchase such disposable consumables, but in Europe, America, Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan, the use of pet potty mats has become the same as that of humans. The use of paper towels is also very common, it can help pet owners save precious time to deal with pet excrement every day, has become a necessity in the life of pets.

Pet changing pads are also called urinal pads or training pads. Like the diapers used by human babies, pet changing pads are disposable sanitary products specially designed for pets. Most of them are square or rectangular, composed of an absorbent layer and an outer lining, and are powerful. Water absorption function.

The unique material and structure design can also keep the surface of the changing pad and the surrounding area dry for a long time. Some products will also add some adhesive tape on the back, the pet changing pad can be more firmly fixed in place.

Most pet urine pads use antibacterial materials or contain antibacterial agents, which not only prevent the growth of bacteria, but also have the function of deodorizing and eliminating peculiar smell, eliminating the peculiar smell of excrement and keeping the air clean.

In addition, some pet urinals with training functions still add inducers or pheromones to their products to help pets develop good fixed-point excretion habits.

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Why Pet Floor Mats Can Become “Necessities”

The most important reason why pet floor mats can become “necessities” is that their rich use scenes cover almost all aspects of pet life.

First of all, the most important and most well-known pet potty mat is to train young pets to help them form a regular excretion habit.

Secondly, most pet owners nowadays are young people in their rising careers, and their working hours are usually very long. If some pet potty mats can be placed at home, it may solve the big problem.

Again, it is also a good choice for pets who are sick, old, or fearful of the outdoors.

Finally, when we need to take a pet out or travel, we can put the pet urine pad on the air box or the back seat of the car to prevent the pet from getting excrement everywhere.

In addition, when the weather is bad and pets cannot go out, pet floor mats can also come in handy.

As you can see, preparing some pet potty mats at home can make your life much more convenient in many cases.