When parents change their baby's diapers, they will find that if they don't change for a long time, the water absorption factor of the diapers will run out, making a mess and easily infecting infants and young children. So is the water absorption factor in diapers harmful to the baby? Let’s take a look.  

Is the Water Absorption Factor in Diapers Harmful to the Baby?

The key ingredient of diapers is the water absorption factor. The water absorption factor is a polymer resin with strong water absorption, but it is not harmful to the human body. It is relatively safe. Be careful not to break it or let the baby grab it and eat it. It's more dangerous, so don't let your baby play with diapers. Experts pointed out that diapers generally consist of three main parts: surface covering layer, absorbent core layer and backing fabric.

In fact, the granular crystals in the best nighttime diapers are transparent polymer water-absorbing resins. Diapers and ultra-thin sanitary napkins are all this stuff, non-toxic, non-polluting, strong water absorption capacity, and extremely high water retention capacity. It is harmless to infants and young children and is a degradable organic substance.

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Diapers are relatively light and thin, and some of the diapers are embossed on the surface. In order to absorb urine well, the polymer content is also relatively high, which may come out after a long time of use.

The materials in diapers are all safe. The crystals of the particles are formed by absorbing the baby's urine with water-absorbent beads, which will not cause harm to the baby. So please rest assured, mothers, there is no problem! You can often see such ad slogans in TV commercials, baby diapers, make babies safe and comfortable, the variety of diapers on the market is dazzling.  

Is There a Difference in Absorbent Materials for Diapers?

The difference is not big, basically all use polymer water-absorbent resin.

The scientific name of the water-absorbent/water-locking factor is polymer water-absorbing resin. It is a new type of polymer material, which can absorb water from hundreds to thousands of times its own weight. It is non-toxic, harmless, and non-polluting; it has a strong water absorption capacity and high water retention capacity. It is a high molecular weight polymer obtained by acrylic acid polymerization. Material → high water retention capacity, the balance of absorption capacity under high load, the absorbed water cannot be squeezed out by simple physical methods, and water can be released and absorbed repeatedly.

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The characteristics and application of polymer water-absorbing resin determine the quality of diapers.

1. High water absorption: non-ionized water that can absorb hundreds or thousands of times its own weight. (Large absorption capacity, even a thin piece of water absorption is 7 times higher than that of ordinary thick fluff pulp sanitary napkins)

2. High water absorption rate: Each gram of super absorbent resin can absorb hundreds of grams of non-ionized water within 30 seconds. (Instant absorption is not afraid of the tide)

3. High water retention: the gel after absorbing water is not easy to squeeze out of the gel under external pressure. (Squeeze does not seep back)

4. High swelling: The volume of the super absorbent resin gel after absorbing water swells hundreds of times.

5. Ammonia absorption: Low cross-linked polyacrylate type super absorbent resin contains carboxyl anions in its molecular structure, which can be absorbed by ammonia and has an obvious deodorizing effect.