For fighting COVID-19, many people bought alcohol disinfectant wipes for themselves and their families. As a wet wipes supplier, there are many customers from other countries who bought disinfecting wipes from us. As we all know, 75% of alcohol antiviral wipes can kill many kinds of germs in our daily life, especially coronavirus. And we found that most of our customers have pets. Because of that, you need to know if disinfecting wipes can be used on your pets.

Can Alcohol Hand Wipes be Used on Pets?

In fact, alcohol hand wipes can’t be used on your dogs and cats. Because alcohol is irritating to pets. And if pets absorb it, it can have serious consequences. We know that cats and dogs often lick their own hair. Studies have shown that if a cat absorbs it, it can cause cramps all over the body, which in severe cases can lead to suffocation. Therefore, if you are looking for the disinfector for your dog or cat, you had better choose disinfecting wipes designed for pets. In our company, we have professional pet cleaning wipes for your pets.

Dog and alcohol wet wipes

Dog and alcohol wet wipes

Why do Alcohol Antiviral Wipes Kill Coronavirus?

  • Ethanol has a coagulative effect on proteins and the lytic effect on cells.
  • Ethanol has the function of dehydration, and its molecules can enter into the peptide chain of protein to denature and precipitate the bacterial protein.
  • Ethanol inhibits the rapid growth of bacteria by inhibiting their enzymes.

75% of alcohol can dehydrate the protein in the shell of microorganisms, thus making it inactive. If the alcohol concentration is too high or too low, its effect will be weakened. 75% of medical alcohol is diluted by adding water to alcohol. Dilute alcohol does not rush to coagulate the proteins on the surface of the bacteria. Instead, it penetrates into the bacteria and solidifies the proteins throughout the bacteria, thereby killing the bacteria. When the alcohol concentration is 75%, its bactericidal capacity is the strongest. As we all know, alcohol is flammable and inconvenient to carry. So 75% of alcohol disinfectant wipes are a good choice. It is packaged separately and easy to carry.

The Reason Why Too High or Too Low Levels of Alcohol Can't Kill the Virus

95% alcohol concentration is very high, and excessive alcohol will form a protective film on the surface of bacteria to prevent it from entering the body of the germ. So it's hard to kill them completely. If the alcohol concentration is too low, it can get into the bacteria, but it can't coagulate the proteins in the bacteria, so it can't kill the germs completely either. Therefore, our best alcohol wet wipes can help you kill germs effectively.

Best Alcohol Wipes for Sale

In Yeesain health technology, we have 40pcs alcohol disinfecting wipes and 10pcs travel pack alcohol hand wipes for sale. Aluminum film packaging can effectively prevent alcohol volatilization. Except that, we can also provide OEM/ODM services. So if you have any problems and requirements, feel free to contact us.