If you have a pet, you will find the house is a mess every time you come home. Are you struggling with the problem of pet poop? If you want to solve this problem, then you need a pet pad, which will help you to solve the problem of animal feces in a good way. In our company, we have many pet training pads with different sizes and functions for you to choose from. With the help of the pet dog wee pad, you don't have to worry about pet poop anymore. And after reading this article, you will know lots of useful information about pet training pads.

Why Does Your Dog Need Diapers?

Our pet mat is suitable for many situations and you can use it in many places.

  • If you want to train your dog to regularly defecate, you'll need puppy training pads.
  • You can also use pet pats to help sick or elderly dogs who are prone to incontinence problems.
  • Use while traveling. To be honest, dogs' paws are often dirty, and dog wee wee pads can be used to protect your car seat.
  • Puppy pet mats can provide an alternative for dogs that can't get outside in time.
  • After walking in the rain or going to the bathroom on a wet board, pet wee wee pads can be used to dry a dog's wet paws.
The reason your dog needs a puppy pad

The reason your dog needs a puppy pad

How to Train Your Puppy to Urinate on a Pet Pad?

If you want your dog to defecate in a regular place, you can put a yeesain pet-pee pad in the kennel or at home. You need to spray the mat with a puppy training spray to get your dog used to the new environment. Dog training spray is a plant-based and scented spray designed to take advantage of a dog's territorial awareness to mask fresh smells in the environment. When your dog reacts to feces, you should immediately prompt him to go to the puppy wee pad. If the dog excretes outside the mat, you should criticize it severely. After the dog has pooped in the designated place, or the right place, you should praise him or her in a friendly tone. You’d better pet him or give him a few tasty snacks. Then your dog will quickly learn that it's the right thing to do and will be rewarded for defecating in the dog training pats. In this way, your dog will soon learn to defecate in the same place.

One more thing notes: if you can use a pet-pee pad to match the toilet or pet carrier, the results will be even better.

The Advantages of Our Puppy Training Pads

  • Leak-proof – you don’t want dog's urine seeping onto your floors.
  • Tear-resistant – some dogs may be destructive, and you don’t want them destroying the pee mats.
  • Wetness indicator – it can help you to know when a pee pad has been used
  • Quick-drying surface – this will prevent wet footprints in the home.
  • Odor neutralizer – to keep your home from smelling like pet feces.
  • Large capacity– to ensure it can handle frequent urinators
  • Built-in attractant – to help attract your dogs and cats to the area and encourage them to go potty.