As we all know, there are many people who have pets. Although pets are cute and will fill your life with joy. But they can also make a bit of a mess if they haven’t been toilet trained. For solving this problem, there are many owners who use wee pads to train their puppies. That is a good choice for the owners who don’t have a yard and apartment. Because they need to be away from home for several hours every day, and wee pads can make your dog have a relaxing place while you are out. However, it isn’t an entirely easy process, and it requires some time and patience. Generally speaking, there are also a few things you need to prepare to train a dog. This is important for puppy pee pad training.

Train your dog to defecate

Train your dog to defecate

The Useful Items You Need to Prepare

  • Pee mat: You need to have enough puppy pads. And if your dog is a large dog, then you need to prepare large pet pads. Because enough puppy pads to ensure your dog's training doesn't get interrupted. In addition, we recommend that you stick to the same brand of pee pads, as frequent changes to the mat can make your dog uncomfortable.
  • Timers: Timers are necessary for you. A timer can help you remind your dog when to defecate on the urinal pad. Although a dog's bladder is unpredictable, regularly bringing your dog to the pee mat to defecate will prevent him from urinating on the floor. It can also help your dog learn what urinal pads can do.
  • Dog treats:Dog treats are important because rewarding your pup for going to the bathroom on the pads can really help reinforce the good behavior. You may also want to use a leash for leading your puppy to the pads.
  • Pet wipes: If your dog gets dirty, you can use a special pet wipes to clean the dog's hair.


It is necessary to do some research on your dog's breed. Surprisingly, it would have had a different effect on puppy pee pad training if it had been investigated, since some particular breeds are more difficult to train than others. Knowing what to expect can make the training process easier.