In nowadays, disposable wipes have become a necessity in our daily life. You can choose different disposable wipes with different functions according to your needs. As we all know, disposable wipes are tissue used to wipe our skin. You can see that there are two types of disposable wipes on the market. The first type of wipes is those that have been disinfected but cannot disinfect other items. But it contains skincare ingredients, which can moisturize and maintain the skin. The other is the wipes that not only have been disinfected but also can disinfect the objects being wiped. These kinds of wet wipes are disinfecting wipes.

What Kind of Wipes Should You Choose?

On the market, you can find reusable wipes and disposable wipes. Which kind of wipes will you choose? Reusable wipes are prone to bacteria and are not easy to clean. If you go out, it's not convenient to carry. You can't take it with you. But its advantage is the low price. Meanwhile, disposable wipes are strictly sterilized by professional equipment, so there is no risk of bacteria growing. If you go out, you can take it with you. Therefore, disposable wipes are very convenient for people with babies. In short, if you want to choose cheap wipes, you can choose reusable wipes. But if you want to choose easy to use wet wipes, then you can choose disposable wet wipes.

Disposable wipes and reusable wipes

Disposable wipes and reusable wipes

How to Choose the Best Wet Wipes?

  • Water wipes ingredients. Ingredients determine the quality of wipes. In order to achieve moisturizing and antibacterial effects, different brands have different water wipes ingredients. When selecting, you should pay attention to the added ingredients on the product label. If the label is fuzzy or the ingredients are not suitable, you should not purchase.
  • Sealability: if you want to choose the best wipes, you also need to see the sealing of the product packaging. The package of the wet towel in the bag shall be sealed without damage. Once the package is poorly sealed or damaged, the bacteria will penetrate into the wipes, and the sterilization and disinfection effect of the wipes will be weakened. In addition, after taking and using the wipes, the sealing strip shall be pasted immediately to prevent the wipes from drying and affecting the use effect.
  • Smell: different brands of wipes have great differences in odor. Some of them are fragrant, some of them are almost odorless. It is recommended that you should choose the wet towel without fragrance because this kind of wet towel has less additive and less stimulation to the human body.