Guangzhou international epidemic prevention material and equipment fair 2020 has been successfully concluded on June 11, 2020. In order to participate in this exhibition, we arrived at the exhibition site one day in advance, and we visited and inspected the site. Then we started to arrange our booth. In order to present a good product effect for the buyer, our exhibitors were busy for 5 hours.

Exhibition Background

It is understood that the exhibition area of a total area of 36,000 square meters, with epidemic prevention products exhibition area, equipment exhibition area, comprehensive services exhibition area, and raw materials exhibition area. The number of exhibitors exceeded 600, and the number of professional visitors is expected to exceed 10000. Early in the morning of June 10, long-awaited buyers and exhibitors lined up in front of the Poly World Trade Expo. Then we followed the flow of people into the venue orderly.

Top Rated Products

During the exhibition, we brought four kinds of goods to the exhibition. They are surface disinfectant wipes, travel hand wipes, individually wrapped antiseptic wipes, incontinence nappies, and disposable incontinence bed pads. One of the most popular products is antibacterial surface wipes. Because we are still in the midst of the epidemic, and there are many countries where the epidemic is not over yet. A total of 20 purchasers showed a strong interest in our surface disinfectant wipes, then we added contact information to each other. To our surprise, our travel hand wipes and incontinence nappies are also popular. Later, we found that the reason why our products are popular is that the quality is good and the packaging is beautiful.

Foreign customers are visiting our products

Foreign customers are visiting our products


Through the exhibition, The staff of Yeesain get some purchase intention and understand the customer's demand for products. At the same time, it also publicized our corporate image. For every guest who comes to visit, we have made a backup of the customer information in time. To the customer who has the business card to exchange the business card in time, to the customer who does not have the business card also did the registration, in order to be able to facilitate the company's business contact in the future. Next, we need to turn our intention into an order to cooperate with them in the later stage. We believe that if there is another exhibition in the future, we will perform better.