Now the sales of disposable incontinence bed pads are increasing year by year. Because of the trend of aging, more and more elderly people's physical function decline or diseases lead to the phenomenon of urinary incontinence. This has seriously affected the physical and mental health of the elderly. Generally speaking, for the elderly urinary incontinence needs to do two aspects of preparation. On the one hand, we should actively find out the causes and solve the problems from the root. On the other hand, the elderly need to use disposable adult diapers and elderly disposable incontinence bed pads to solve the problem. From this article, we will tell you something about the elderly pee pads.

The Advantages of Bed Pads for Elderly

  • Firstly, for the elderly with incontinence, you can choose the right diapers according to their waistlines. Secondly, use bed pads for the elderly to prevent diaper leakage from polluting the bedsheet. This will save you the trouble of cleaning the sheets and mattress.
  • The bed pads for the elderly are easy to replace, and timely replacement can ensure that there is no peculiar smell in the room.
  • Our elderly pee pads have high polymer content and high absorption capacity.
  • The bottom membrane of elderly pee pads is the imported PE membrane, which can effectively prevent leakage.
Breathable disposable pads for elderly

Breathable disposable pads for elderly


What Kind of Circumstance Should Use Elderly Breathable Disposable Pads?

  • The old man can put the urinal pad for the elderly on the sheet when sleeping. When paving, you should pay attention to the front and back. The elderly should sleep on the absorbent surface of the urinal pad.
  • When replacing the large adult diaper for the elderly, you should put the urine pads for the elderly under the body to prevent leakage.
  • For the elderly with complete incontinence, it is better to use urine pads for the elderly. Yeesain has a variety of sizes of elderly pee pads for you to choose from, but also can provide customized services to meet your requirements.
  • When the old man needs to go out, you can put the elderly breathable disposable pads on the old man's seat.

Although we talked about the advantages and use occasions of the elderly breathable disposable pads, there are still many details about the urine pads for the elderly. For example, how to choose the elderly disposable incontinence bed pad? What brand of underpad is more reliable? If you want to know this information, feel free to contact us.