Boob pads are familiar to many novice mothers. Because for lactating mothers, the boob pad is essential to control latex leakage during lactation. The inside of the pad is a super absorbent polymer material, which absorbs excess breast milk and holds the emulsion inside. On the outside is a breathable waterproof layer to keep the bra dry. Now there are disposable anti overflow pad and reusable anti overflow pad on the market.  Which one would you like to choose? Next, we will introduce these two kinds of maternity bra pads in detail.

Pregnant mother

Pregnant mother

Disposable maternity bra pads

The material of disposable maternity bra pads are fluff pulp+SAP, non-woven fabric, tissue paper, breathable waterproof film, adhesive tape, and release paper.

This type of maternity pads is very suitable for mothers who have too much milk. Because it has the characteristics of large absorption. When it's too hot in summer, if you use a washable nursing pad, you'll soon get wet with sweat. And you need to change regularly, which is very troublesome. But the disposable breast pad can absorb excessive milk and is easy to carry. In addition, disposable maternity bra pads are also comfortable and eco-friendly.

A lactating mother needs boob pad

A lactating mother needs boob pad

Reusable breast pads

Compared with disposable boob pads, reusable breast pads are more economical and environmentally friendly, you just need to replace and clean it in time. Mothers only need to buy a few reusable nursing pads for replacement.

If you want to buy a reusable anti overflow pad, you'd better choose pure cotton fabric with strong water absorption. Because this can keep the breast dry to prevent nipple pain caused by wet skin.

Our suggestion:

Our suggestion is that you had better choose disposable anti overflow pad. On the one hand, the reusable breast pads have poor water absorption, which is difficult to play the role of anti overflow. On the other hand, because milk has rich nutrition, it is easy to breed bacteria after spilling for a long time. These bacteria will attach to the breast pad, and many of them can't be killed by cleaning. Therefore, it is easy to cause breast infection and infect the baby when using it again.

In yeesain health technology, the best disposable breast pads are our main product. And the price is affordable. You can choose the suitable one according to your needs.