There are many kinds of adult diapers and adult diaper pants on the market. If you want to judge the advantages and disadvantages of a nappy, the following points should be considered. Especially the people who want to choose overnight diapers for adults, you had better read this article.


Absorption is the first factor to consider when buying adult diapers. The material of absorption layer determines the speed and capacity of adult night diapers to absorb urine. Absorbent diapers can absorb and lock urine to prevent the urine from being sucked back into the body and cause moisture. It can also reduce the growth of bacteria.

Softness and air permeability

Softness and air permeability must be good. We recommend that you choose skincare adult night diapers. Especially when choosing diapers for the elderly, you should choose skincare diapers. Because skincare diapers can not only protect the fragile skin of the elderly, but also will not make the old people red rash and bedsore.

Leak proof

Leakproofness is also something you must pay attention to when buying diapers. A leak-proof product can avoid the embarrassment of leaking urine. And this will make it easier for users to move and sleep.

Yeesain adult night diaper can solve your incontinence problem

Yeesain adult night diaper can solve your incontinence problem


Finally, you need to see if the overnight diapers for adults are easy to wear. Although some overnight diapers for adults are very convenient to wear, they are too easy to fall off or the sticking part is not firm. This will make the user very uncomfortable to wear. Another kind of underwear type diaper is more convenient, it is just like ordinary underwear. But this diaper is mainly suitable for people with mobility.

Different people should choose different types of diapers

If you buy diapers based on these four factors, you can get the best diapers. In addition, you also need to choose more suitable diapers according to the state of the users. For example, if the patient can't get out of bed and walk, they can choose buckle type diapers or diaper pads instead of adult diaper pants.

Urinary incontinence

Urinary incontinence

Generally speaking, adult diaper pants are suitable for moderate to mild incontinence people with mobility. Diapers are suitable for people with moderate to severe incontinence, paralytic bedridden, postoperative care, and postpartum care. Diapers insert pads are suitable for people with moderate to severe incontinence or those who need assistance.

Yeesain not only has adult night diapers that meet the above advantages, but also has diaper pants and diapers insert pads. If you need these products, feel free to contact us.