When someone asks about the type of disposable pads, many people will say baby disposable underpads. To be honest, there are many different disposable pads on the market in addition to the baby diaper changing mats specially used for babies. For example, there are incontinence mats for the elderly and dog mats for pets. Different disposable pads have different characteristics and functions. Do you want to know more about disposable pads? if your answer is yes, please read this article.

Baby diaper changing mats:

As mentioned above, the baby diaper changing pad is used to change diapers for babies. In addition to changing diapers, this product can also be spread on the bed, sofa, or floor for the baby to play or sleep on. You don't need to worry about baby wetting sheets, sofas, and floors. Some parents worry that diapers are airtight and will use traditional cotton diapers for their babies, but it's easy to get the sheets wet. And baby diaper changing mats will protect the sheets.

Baby was lying on the diaper changing mats

Baby was lying on the diaper changing mats

Elderly incontinence underpads:

As the name suggests, the elderly incontinence underpads are specially designed for the elderly who can not take care of themselves. It is suitable for paralyzed bedridden patients and people with severe incontinence. The use of elderly underpads can save the trouble of washing the sheets frequently. You can put the elderly incontinence underpad on the sheet and let the old man sleep on it. You can also place the pad under the old man's body while changing the diaper. Generally speaking, the elderly incontinence underpad needs to have higher water absorption and comfort, because the elderly with inconvenient activities are prone to bedsore. Meanwhile, Yeesain has better water absorption and comfort than other brands of elderly mats. It is important to note that for the elderly with complete incontinence, you'd better choose the large size of elderly underpads.

Elderly woman in wheelchair

The elderly woman in wheelchair

Dog pads:

Dog mats are an essential product for people with pets at home, especially if you want to train your dog to use the toilet in a fixed position. Generally speaking, dog pads contains high-grade antibacterial agent, which can deodorize and eliminate odor for a long time. This can keep the family clean and tidy. The special aromatics used in the dog pads can help the pet develop a good habit of defecation.

The above is the classification of disposable pads. Do you know more about disposable pads? If you need any product, please feel free to contact us.