The breastfeeding pad is helpful to solve the problem of milk leakage during lactation, and is a good partner for lactating mothers. Many breast-feeding mothers do not know how many breastfeeding pads to prepare when choosing the breast pads. In order to help lactating mothers buy breast pads, we will introduce this issue for you.

How many disposable breastfeeding pads do you need?

In view of this problem, first of all, it depends on whether lactating mothers choose to buy disposable anti overflow pad or cloth breast pads. If you choose a disposable bra pad, lactating mothers can buy the pads that can be used for ten days. If you use 6 pieces a day, you need to buy 60 breastfeeding bra pads. Disposable breastfeeding bra pads with 60 pieces in a bag are very common, and lactating mothers can use them for ten days or half a month with one bag. In addition, if lactating mothers are considering what kind of breast pad is appropriate. When purchasing disposable anti overflow pads, you can buy small package. If it's easy to use, you can buy the pads with a large package.

Breast pads can be used for lactating mothers

Breast pads can be used for lactating mothers

How many cloth breast pads do you need?

The number of cloth breast pads are obviously much less than that of disposable anti overflow pad. Because the washable breast pads can be reused. Lactating mothers can prepare 6-8 cloth anti overflow pads to meet the needs of daily washing.


We noticed that some lactating mothers use disposable breastfeeding bra pads when they want to go out and washable ones at home. In this case, mothers need to consider how many disposable and washable breast pads they need to buy. For breastfeeding mothers who have the habit of stocking, it is not recommended to store too many anti overflow pads. Because the lactation situation changes over time, and the breastfeeding pads are used during the lactation period.