Parents who have babies at home will buy baby wipes for their children. Do you know what baby wipes are on the market? To tell you the truth, according to the different materials, baby wipes can be divided into natural baby wipes, biodegradable baby wipes and flushable baby moist wipes. Next, we'll explain it in detail for you.

Natural baby wipes

Natural baby wipes are made of natural ingredients, the most common ingredient is bamboo fiber. Yeeain natural organic baby wipes are made of cellulose extracted from naturally growing bamboo. Such wipes not only have good air permeability, instant water absorption and strong wear resistance, but also are very soft and will not cause an allergic reaction of the baby. At the same time, these organic baby wipes also mean that they are preservative-free. It's safer to buy such natural wipes for your baby.

You had better choose the best organic baby care Products for your baby

You had better choose the best organic baby care products for your baby

Biodegradable baby wipes

Due to the aggravation of environmental pollution and the improvement of people's awareness of environmental protection, more and more people begin to choose biodegradable baby wipes. Generally speaking, biodegradable baby wipes contain natural vitamins and amino acids, which can provide nutrients for soil and plants. If you buy this kind of wipes, we suggest that you can put the used wipes into your garden, garden or composter, which can not only reduce domestic waste, but also create a more beautiful home with your own hands. As mentioned above, bamboo fiber organic baby wipes are made of bamboo fiber. And we all know that bamboo is biodegradable, so bamboo fiber baby wipes are also biodegradable baby wipes.

Biodegradable baby wipes can take care of your baby's skin

Biodegradable baby wipes can take care of your baby's skin

Flushable baby moist wipes

In order to pursue a simpler lifestyle, the market has emerged that can be directly thrown into the toilet flushable baby wipes. And in order to let the wet wipes can be washed away, the merchants design the wipes very thin. In this way, flushable wipes can be washed into the sewer with the impact of water. However, such wipes are not biodegradable, so it is easy to plug the sewer and cause environmental pollution. Therefore, we do not recommend the use of flushable baby moist wipes.

Reusable baby wipes

To be honest, in addition to disposable baby wipes, you can also choose reusable baby wipes. Reusable baby wipes are cheaper than disposable baby wipes because you can use them multiple times. However, it should be noted that even the best reusable baby wipes will breed bacteria over time. Therefore, you need to clean and disinfect reusable baby wipes regularly. Only in this way can we ensure the health of the baby.

In Yeesain health technology, natural organic baby wipes and biodegradable baby wipes are our main products, and their sales are very high. If you need these wipes, please feel free to contact us.