At present, there are two kinds of wipes on the market, adult wipes and baby water wipes. Adult wipes mainly have disinfection wipes, makeup remover wipes, body wipes and so on. Baby wet wipes include hand and mouth wipes, bottom wipes, etc. According to the different users, adult wipes can also be divided into man wipes and women wipes. Next, let's talk about the two types of adult wet wipes in detail.

The difference between man wipes and women wipes

Most wet wipes for men are larger than the wipes for women in design. In other words, wet wipes for men are larger than women's.  Because most man wipes are used to scrub their bodies. In this way, men can easily wipe off sweat and odor by using the wipes for men after exercise. The biggest difference between the wipes for women and men is that women wipes have plenty of moisturizing ingredients. Women in the purchase of adult women wipes, they are most concerned about the function of moisturizing. Secondly, the fragrance types of female wipes were more than those of male wipes. The most common flavor types are chamomile and aloe. The wipes made of Aloe Vera give people a more comfortable feeling. Wipes containing vitamin E and chamomile can moisturize the skin. Of course, men can also choose this type of woman wipes.

You can use women wipes on your face

You can use women wipes on your face

Precautions for purchasing adult wipes:

When purchasing disposable wipes, there are many different options to consider.

  1. Soft and durable: When you buy men's and women's wipes, be sure to choose both soft and durable wipes. It's better to choose a wet towel with quilted texture.
  2. Odorless wipes: if your skin is delicate, please look for disposable baby wipes for adults. Fragrance-free wipes can reduce irritation to the skin.
  3. Non-alcoholic wipes: you'd better choose non-alcoholic disposable wipes for adults. Alcohol-free wipes for adults are not flammable and do not irritate the skin. Wet wipes containing alcohol usually cause skin inflammation, damage or dryness.
  4. Hypoallergenicity: hypoallergenic adult disposable wipes contain fewer substances and will not cause allergic reactions.
Hypoallergenic adult wet wipes

Hypoallergenic adult wet wipes

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