Wet tissue is very common in our daily life. When we don't have a place to wash our hands, it's very useful. And if you need to wipe your body and equipment in the gym, large wet wipes will work well. Therefore, this is a worthy disposable wipe for adults. Do you want this kind of wipes that can meet all kinds of needs? Or do you want to know more information about these wipes? Reading this article, you can know a lot of useful knowledge.

Why do we need large wet wipes?

We've all been there: we don't have a place or time to take a shower. There's no doubt it's annoying. Therefore, many businesses have invented big wipes, which can easily solve our problems. Whether you're running a marathon, going camping, or doing something else that makes you sweat, you can carry a bag of these wipes with you. So you can feel fresh in any situation. In addition, if you buy wet wipes without a cover, you can buy a wet wipes holder. Then you can easily extract the wipes, and the wet wipes holder can also moisturize.

If you are a gym operator, it is necessary for you to disinfect wipes in our large gym disinfectant wipes, especially in this special period. Because our large gym disinfectant wipes can kill a Novel Coronavirus in a short time. If customers know that you often use disinfectant wipes to clean fitness equipment, they will feel more comfortable coming to your gym.

The real large disposable wipes for adults

The real large disposable wipes for adults


Most of them are antibacterial, so you don't have to worry about getting sick.

  • They are very easy to use and easy to carry
  • If you are an environmentally friendly person, we can also produce Biodegradable wipes to meet your needs.
  • They do not contain any alcohol, fluorescent, and whitening agents.
  • More importantly, they are not sticky. We all know that some wet tissues leave uncomfortable substances that make our skin sticky. But Yeesain's large disposable wipes for adults will not have this problem.

Do you need this kind of wet wipes? If you need it, feel free to contact us.