Have you used a pet underpad? if you don`t, you won’t know how helpful it can be. When we become a new puppy’s owner, we are so delightful and excited to have a little cute life to keep our company. Puppy gives us lots of laughs and licks, at the same time, there are also little troubles we may face. For example, when coming home after day work, we just want a rest and dog hug, but find that our room smell badly and there's urine on several spots, even on the furniture, then you start to clean it up one by one and even if you have done the cleaning, the smell will still exist for a while, it does bother. If you want better and happier life with a lovely puppy, just start with a pad pet.

What is pad pet

Dog pad pet also known as a pet absorbent pad, pet urine pad, a pet incontinence pad, or disposable pet pad and is typically square-shaped. It is a disposable sanitary product and has the ability to soak up any sort of puppy mess. Its ultra-soft top layer keeps a dry and comfortable surface which is good for the puppy.

Make life convenient

You can put pad pet in any place you want, in many cases, the puppy doesn't really know where is the right place to pee, let alone go outdoors. If you don't want the puppy to urinate in the house, you need to pay attention to your puppy time and again to make sure it won’t pee in the house, it is indeed a very troublesome thing. If you are mobility impaired or live on an upper floor of a tall apartment building, getting your puppy to defecate in a pet absorbent pad is much more convenient and easy than making the long trip downstairs to take them outside to defecate. One benefit of using a pet urine pad is that it makes puppies defecate in the designated place a whole lot easier. When you're not home, you don't have to worry about the puppy peeing in a lot of and different spots. In fact, a pet absorbent pad can contain some chemicals called pheromones which are attractive to the puppy, these pheromones can make your dog want to pee on the pet urine pad and you don't have to spend too much time training a puppy to use them with it. After several successful training, the puppy will know which place is the toilet. From then you don’t need to worry about cleaning up puppy mess anymore, and your pet's life will be much convenient.

Make cleanup easier

Just like we study something, there is also a learning process for puppies. When you train the puppy to pee, something unpleasant might happen. A puppy can not tell you immediately when it has peed on the floor. After you find that, the urine has evaporated completely and only yellow stains remain on the floor, then you must get down on your knees to clean the floor with force, and even need an air purifier to get rid of the smell, this situation is one of the most unpleasant parts of being a dog owner. To avoid this, we need to use a pet absorbent pad which makes cleaning more effective. When the puppy piss on it, the pad containing super absorbent factor can not only make the urine spread and be absorbed quickly, but also reduce the smell of the urine and prevent the odor from spreading into the air. After using that, you can just throw the pad into the trash and clean it up in a few minutes. No scrubbing or deodorant required. Simply throw it away and the trash won't be a mess.

best dog training pad
best dog training pad

Good for puppy safe and healthy

If your puppy is newly adopted and hasn't been vaccinated yet. the puppy is very fragile and easy to get infected with a variety of Bacteria, so you need to pay more attention to the puppy living area hygiene. Some new puppy owners may let the dog defecate on an absorbent pet mat. When the mat absorbs water, its surface will also turn to wet. If not be changed in time, Bacteria will grow fast on the mat so that puppy will feel uncomfortable and get bacterial infection easily when lying on it. For this situation, a disposable pet pad is a better choice, for the disposable pad will keep the surface dry after absorption and bacteria won’t grow fast with some antibacterial factors in it, even if you don’t change it for a while, the damage to the dog is relatively small.

Helpful for Inclement weather

In general, we will take the dog to go outside to pee, but as we know, the puppy doesn’t like rain or other inclement weather, in these cases, would you really blame it when the puppy refuses to go outside to urinate in the rain or cold weather, even if you force it to pee outside, the puppy won’t complete the task quickly cause it feels uncomfortable or distractions, even prolong the whole process, assume that it's really cold outside, your furry friend might be better off staying indoors, because if the puppy stayed too long in the outside, it might get hypothermia or frostbite, that is more frustrating. To avoid this situation, you can use clever methods. when neither you nor your dog feels like going outside. just put a disposable pet pad somewhere in your home that's easy to clean and train your puppy to defecate on it and throw it away. In the end, the puppy doesn't get any hurt from the bad weather and you don't have to worry about your house getting dirty.

Disposable pet pads are very helpful to pet owners. Nowadays, we live a fast life and want a higher hygiene requirement. This product can not only allow us to clean up a room quickly to save our time, but also keep house hygiene and air clean. Disposable pet pads are also a good choice in other situations. For example, when your dog is incontinent due to aging, or when the dog mother leak milk during lactation and the newborn puppy defecates, putting disposable pet pads under these dogs will make them more comfortable and healthy. In a word, a pad pet can make your and your pet's life easier! If you have any more questions regarding colors/sizes of our pad pet, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us. We'll be more than willing to help answer your queries.