Wet wipes price has begun to attract more and more attention because wet tissue is becoming more and more commonly used in our lives. In order to meet the needs of people, various wet tissue is manufactured to convenient our lives, such as for shoe polishing, car cleaning or lens cleaning, down jacket cleaning, and makeup removal. some families use one pack a day on average, some people may think it is a waste of money, but some people think it`s a good deal this is because of the price. Well, any commodity has expensive and cheap ones, but do you know the reason for the wet tissue price difference? Follow me to know more details about it.

safe and healthy facial cleaning wipes
safe and healthy facial cleaning wipes

Different Raw Materials, Wet Wipes Price is Different

As we all know, product quality is the decisive factor in price, and the most important part of quality is raw materials. There are many kinds of raw materials for wet wipes: bamboo fiber, wood pulp, cotton, or polyester fiber. Among these, bamboo fiber and cotton are pure natural materials, so they are more expensive than polyester fiber. Different materials not only bring different touch and comfort but also decide whether the wet paper towel is biodegradable which is related to environmental friendliness, so non-biodegradable materials are cheaper than biodegradable ones. A pack of 80 pcs wet wipes may cost 1 dollar per bag, but the biodegradable one maybe two dollars or more.

Yeesain wet wipes provide a variety of products of different materials, whether you want a high-quality experience or a cost-effective choice, we can meet your needs. Anytime you are interested, feel free to contact us.

Packaging Influences Wet Wipes Cost

There are so many wipes packaging that you don't know which one to choose. At this time, you have to know that if the same number of water wipes use different packaging methods, the price will be different. There are ordinary sealing sticker, cover sticker, and buckets. Many gym operators may choose bucket because the barrels can be reused, when the water tissue in it are used up, they only need to replace the refill. And the cover sticker packaging is convenient for access and can keep the wipes moist for a long time as long as you close the lid. Therefore, for the same 100 pieces, bucket and cover sticker packaging are more expensive than ordinary packaging.

convenient makeup removal wipes, easy your life
convenient makeup removal wipes, easy your life

Different Wipe Suppliers, Cost of Wipes Varied 

You must be able to find that buying the same things from different sellers may have different prices, it is because the product suppliers are different. What causes their difference? The answer is supplier quality. Reliable companies often offer products at slightly higher prices, but the quality of the products must be trustworthy, and there is no need to worry about the quality and their services. In the contrast, some small companies may offer very low and attractive prices, but the products are low quality and no guarantee because they do not need to spend too much cost. You will know how to choose if you are smart.

Yeesain company assures consumers that we will continue to provide high-quality hygiene products for customers around the world, and our water wipes price is also very reasonable, and you will be satisfied.

Various Types of Water Wipes have Different Prices

Baby wipes will use non-allergic formula and require high-quality fabrics; down jacket wipes add biological enzymes to achieve a cleaning effect; makeup remover wipes add olive oil to dissolve the cosmetics on the face; alcohol content of alcohol wipes and benzalkonium chloride content of disinfectant wipes, these different uses, and specific functions are factors that affect its price. Of course, you can also customize additives according to your own needs. If you need it, Yeesain company can provide you exclusive customized services.

The More You Buy, the Cheaper the Wet Wipes Price in Yeesain Company

When you buy something in the supermarket, many products are written with "Buy one get one free", "5 bottles for 8 dollars", "The whole box is more cost-effective". The same goes for buying wet wipes. If you only buy one pack, the price may be 1-2 dollars a pack, but if you purchase a whole box or more, you can get the wholesale price which may only be tens of cents. So this is the meaning of large quantity and nice price.

Wet wipes price is not a simple figure you see, don't judge the quality of the product based on the price alone. High price does not mean absolutely good quality, and parity does not mean poor quality. After you read the above introduction, I believe you will have a new understanding of wet wipes cost. And if you want a cost-effective experience in the process of using wet wipes, Yeesain company is a great choice, we have highly excellent products and considerate services in the wet wipes industry. You can contact us at any time.