I believe that all parents who wear diapers for their babies have been troubled by the leakage of diapers. The leakage of urine is really troublesome. Not only do the bedding clothes get wet, but the baby is easy to catch a cold when wearing wet clothes or changing clothes. Is urine leakage a problem with diapers?

In fact, the current technology of diapers is relatively mature, and urine leakage will not occur under normal use. Therefore, if leakage occurs, mothers should not convict the diapers. So what is the cause of urine leakage?

Incorrect Way of Wearing

Wearing diapers may seem simple, but if you don’t wear them properly, you will easily leak urine. There are a few things that need to be paid special attention to by the mothers in terms of wearing:

If You Leak Urine From the Back, You Have to Wear it Like This

To prevent back leakage, you need to raise the baby's back diapers, and then pull the diapers in the legs up to below the belly button. This will not cover the belly button and prevent urine leakage if the diapers are not worn properly. Baby's belly button. Fold the edge of the diaper on your abdomen slightly in or out to prevent it from rubbing your baby's belly button. Then stick the Velcro on both sides firmly. This can more effectively prevent urine from leaking from behind the ass. In fact, it is the same as using an aunt's towel. The looseness and tightness of the waist is also based on the standard that can be put in a finger.

urine leakage in diapers

If You Leak Urine from the Side, You Have to Wear it Like This

Don’t think that after sticking the velcro, you have to add an action to prevent side leakage-tidy up the leak-proof sides of the folds on both sides of the diaper and let the leak-proof sides stand up, so as to effectively prevent side leakage. . The leak-proof side is also called the side-leakage guard, which is the frill standing up on the inner thigh, which can effectively prevent the excrement from leaking out along the gap between the thigh and the diaper. Then you have to wear the diapers properly, and the two sides must be aligned. Make sure that the Velcro on the left and right sides have the same scale, so as to prevent the diapers from being crooked and reduce the possibility of side leakage. Finally, adjust the tightness of the base of the baby's thighs. The gap should be about one finger or so.
If urine leaks everywhere, dear, did you choose the right size? Is the use time too long?
If you put your baby in diapers correctly, you still leak urine. Don't panic, let me figure it out! Oh, your size is not suitable. After sorting it out in this way, will the mothers think that wearing diapers is too troublesome and will take a lot of time? In fact, according to the above method, as long as you are proficient in the essentials, you can get your baby wearing diapers in minutes!

urine leakage in diaper

Inappropriate Size

The choice of diapers is very "realistic" regardless of age, weight. Please make your choice according to your baby's weight. Oversized models are prone to leaking urine, too small models will cause re-infiltration due to the retention of more urine than the diaper can withstand, and the tightness of the diaper will damage the baby’s delicate skin.

Saturated Diapers

The baby's urine output is relatively large, or the diaper is worn for a long time, which causes the diaper to become saturated. At this time, the re-urine absorption will be poor and urine leakage is prone to occur. In this case, it is recommended to change the diaper in time to shorten the wearing time. Don't let your baby's little butt stay in the dirty diapers for too long, or the little butt will be "red" for you!

The baby has a lot of activity and the diapers become asymmetrical
Some babies, especially older babies, do a lot of exercises. The diapers may be worn well before, and they will be biased after a while. At this time, urine leakage is prone to occur. In this case, parents should always pay attention to the baby’s diapers. It can be effectively avoided by sorting out and correcting the phenomenon that is found to be biased.

The baby sleeps on his stomach at night, leading to poor diversion, excessive urine in the front, and easy leakage of urine
Sleeping on your stomach is also not conducive to your baby's development and stresses the heart. It is recommended that you adjust your baby's sleeping posture after a sound sleep.
If a baby occasionally leaks urine, it is mostly caused by the first, third, and fourth reasons mentioned above. Moms will pay more attention to it in the future. If urine leakage occurs frequently, then we must start from the above aspects, well. Analyze the reasons to avoid frequent leakage of urine.
Another is that the babies have reached the "embarrassing period" of changing codes! Every 12 kg, 17 kg, 22 kg, and 25 kg baby is an "embarrassing period". At this time, they often encounter the embarrassment of "stretching their legs when they are too small, and leaking urine when they are too big."