When it comes to small baby nappies, I believe that many mothers know very well because after we give birth, many women will wear diapers on their children because the baby is too small to control the bowel and urine, so wearing diapers will be very convenient. But now there are many types of diapers on the market, including baby pull up diapers, so what are the differences between baby pull up diapers and baby diapers? 

small baby nappies
small baby nappies

Differences between baby pull up diapers and baby diapers?

The most obvious difference between diapers and pull up diapers is that one has no elastic at the waist and the other one has elastic at the waist. In fact, it is not the main difference. The main difference is that pull up diapers are training pants, which can be put on and taken off freely like panties. Once diapers are put on, it is more troublesome to take them off. Pull up diapers are generally used when the baby is one year old. When the baby learns to walk, he needs to study to urinate. Then the pull up pants are more convenient, which is equivalent to wearing cotton underwear for the baby, which can achieve the purpose of training and prevent the baby urinates on his pants. Although baby pull up diaper is very convenient, the price is more expensive than baby diapers, so I suggest that mothers can choose baby pull up pants when going out with the baby. 

Different age groups

The user group of diapers is some younger infants and toddlers, while the user group of pull up pants is some relatively older children. Diapers are generally worn before the baby's first birthday, and pull-up pants are generally worn after the baby's first birthday.

The same function

Pull on diapers have the same function as small baby nappies, that is, there is no glue on the waistband, but elastic, which can be worn by the baby like ordinary underwear, and the waist can be directly torn when taking it off. But it can't be said that there is no glue, it is just a kind of Velcro, not glue. It can also paste repeatedly. It is also one on each side, standing upright, but when it is taken out, it is already pasted. It is directly like wearing underwear. Just put it on. 

best night time nappies
best night time nappies

Water absorption

For water absorption, the water absorption of pull up pants is not as good as that of diapers. Children have a faster metabolism, they excrete a lot of urine. Therefore, when designing, baby diapers need to absorb a lot of urine. This is why diapers can carry more urine than pull up pants. 


In terms of comfort, the comfort of pull up pants is better than that of diapers. The pants-type design of pull-up pants is better than that of diapers. It is more close-fitting and elastic, suitable for naughty and active children.


In terms of putting on and taking off, diapers are troublesome to put on and take off. Baby pull up diapers are training pants, which can be put on and taken off freely like small underwear.

Pull up diapers and diapers have their own characteristics. For the baby's sleep at night, some parents don't know which is the best night nappies. After reading this article, you have already known that diapers are the best night time nappies, for their water absorption is greater than pull up diapers. Therefore, we need to learn to choose which one to use according to the baby's situation. Henan Yeesain Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading advanced manufacturer of baby diapers in China, using high-quality raw materials and advanced equipment to produce baby diapers and baby pull up diapers. Our company also provides customized services and can manufacture diaper products according to your requirements. If you want more information about our products, please send us your email, we will get back to you soon.